Owner Run

Joe along with wife Rae and daughters Jade & Erin live in Johannesburg or Jo’burg, as it is affectionately called. Situated on the highveld (highlands) at about 2,000 meters above sea level.  It is the most populace city with in excess of 10 million people and the hub of the South African economy. Joe established Due-South Motorcycle Tours back in 2007 as a method of blurring the lines between work and play. Riding several thousand kilometres each year taking every opportunity to get out of the big city in order to ride the brilliant roads South Africa is blessed with.  Over several years set tours have been developed which encapsulate the ethos of the the company .  You are invited to come along on a special ride... 

Motorcycling Ethos

Our motorcycling ethos lends itself to avoidance of the usual tourist traps while focusing on the purity of riding a superb motorcycle in a small intimate group whilst traversing of the planets most superlatively diverse landscapes. Enjoying excellent and diverse accommodation with good food and a beer or two in the evenings, often a bottle of quality SA wine has been known to be enjoyed. Sharing a motorcycle trip with like minded people adds to the overall enjoyment. Memories are made of this... 

Why Tour With Due South Motorcycle Tours

Reasons given for choosing a specific operator are many and varied. Hopefully the set below will strike a cord with you and you will choose Due South based on our uncomplicated and simplistic outlook on motorcycle touring:
  • Owner Run. Joe guides each tour and prides himself on offering an overall package which will ensure the rider and pillion leave this beautiful country with fond memories and an itch to get back for more.
  • Insider Info. Riding with Due South will allow you to enjoy the experience gathered over the past decade ensuring you enjoy the best routes, best sights and best stops en route. We expose you to the quaint local spots many tourist simply miss out on.
  • Sterile Tourist Avoidance. We avoid the regimented “formula” mentality so often associated with the overly commercial motorcycle tour offerings; which unfortunately have become commonplace.
  • Quality of Bikes. The bikes are all current model and low mileage making for superb, reliable riding.
  • Quality of Accommodations & Meals. We recognise that overnight stops and meals are an event in themselves. The spots are all hand picked and unpretentious; rather designed for a great overnight experience as opposed to sterile ’hotel’ stop.   
  • Rider Cap. This point cannot be overemphasised... All tours are capped at 7 bikes ensuring the overall experience for all is enhanced; encouraging great camaraderie and high spirits. Experienced riders, newbies and pillions alike love the tours.  


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