BMW F 650 GS (800cc)
Capacity : 798 cc
Weight : 171 Kg
Seat Height : 790 / 820 mm

BMW F 800 GS
Capacity : 798 cc
Weight : 178 Kg
Seat Height : 850 / 880 mm

BMW R 1200 GS
Capacity : 1170 cc
Weight : 199 Kg
Seat Height : 850 / 870 mm

Can-Am Spyder
Capacity : 1000cc
Weight : 317 Kg
Seat Height : Not Applicable 

Motorbike hiring is an option for those who choose to ride alone. Request a quotation per email: 


Due-South uses BMW GS series motorcycles, the BMW F650GS rental is included in the standard tour cost. An upgrade to the BMW R1200GS is available at an additional surcharge (see tours page). BMW motorcycles are robust and very comfortable, the ideal touring bike.

Rental and Hiring of BMW Motorcycles is an option for those who choose to ride on their own; please contact us for a quotation: 

*Excess Deposit: An excess deposit is required; this deposit will be held in the form of a credit card authorization only until the bike is returned in good order.

Can-Am Spyder

In addition to the iconic BMW GS bikes we are pleased to offer the amazing Can-Am Spyder Roadster and RT (Roadster Touring) 'reverse trike'. This motorcycle is a consummate performer with impeccable touring capabilities. A 1000vcc v-twin Rotax engine as used in the Aprilia Mille. The Can-Am offers a powerful torque laden ride in 'Gold Wing' comfort. A surcharge of 295 ZAR (South African Rands) is applicable.

Seat Height Issues!

Beemer's can be supplied with  lowered seat options on request.

Use of Own Bike

Yes you are welcome to use your own bike. Your tour cost will be adjusted accordingly. Please ensure the shipping of your vehicle is done in a timely manner so as to ensure your bike reaches Johannesburg prior to commencement of your tour.

All bikes are welcome.

Riding in South Africa

South Africa has some of the most incredible motorcycle riding available on the planet today. A network of high quality tarmac road stretches far and wide across the country.

Road Quality: The road surfaces are by and large maintained very well. The network of roads links the beautiful countryside to many cities, villages and hamlets along the way. We will be riding exclusively on these tarmac roads.

Riding in South Africa: In South Africa we travel on the left side of the road and road signage follows international standards. Roads in South Africa are very lightly policed, especially in the countryside, as we tend to ride on good quality roads as opposed to highways we ride at our own pace with a certain amount of freedom... In addition the roads in South Africa are not highly congested resulting in a quality riding experience for both rider and pillion alike.

Mick Grant (ex UK Motorcycle racing star and legend) refers to South Africa as the best kept secret in motorcycling...that actually sums up the road riding experience in South Africa.